1st Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area



The 1st Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area is the starting point of a series of Conferences with the aim of establishing a major energy platform in the region. The Conference will take place between 28-30 May 2019 and will focus on topics of interest to the Energy Challenges in the Mediterranean. It intends to address the vast technological changes in all areas of the electric energy business, products, equipment, methods, and so on. SyNERGY MED 2019 will provide a forum for discussion among researchers, policy-makers, regional and local authorities, renewable energy clusters and main actors/stakeholders about the energy technology challenges in these regions and solutions for boosting economic and sustainable development. The Conference will significantly benefit engineers and technicians through state-of-the-art presentations by major equipment suppliers, researchers, utility specialists, invited speakers and discussions by international participants. 


For further information please visit conference website: www.convegni.unica.it/synergymed2019 or contact the SyNERGY MED 2019 Secretariat at: synergymed2019@unica.it