AEIT 2018 International Annual Conference

StoRES project partner UNICA will attend the AEIT 2018 Conference

In recent years, we are seeing a growing synergy among infrastructures and systems for the production, transmission, distribution and conversion of electricity, telecommunications, and computing technologies that provide for the intelligence of the whole system. The ever-increasing dependence on electricity for carrying out daily activities, increasingly employing smart devices, and the need for an intelligent management of the power grid in presence of a distributed generation from renewable sources, both are creating a tight interdependent system. Cloud computing, big data, large bandwidth interconnections support modern knowledge-based society paradigms.

AEIT 2018 will be an international forum to point out the challenges needs to face with in order to stimulate innovative entrepreneurial initiatives, and increase country’s competitiveness.

The conference will host both technical and scientific contributions in the wide fields of electricity, automation, telecommunications and information technology. It will also be the venue for hosting panels and speeches from national and international stakeholders for discussing those strategies useful to increasing competitiveness, and lay the foundations for the creation of new scientific as well as technical initiatives.