AETP 2018 - Energy storage: Technologies and Projects Conference

Project partner Sarga will act as a sponsor and will present a paper on the StoRES project, analyzing the first results produced by the pilots developed in Spain and the different proposals for practical application of the technology used in NZEB buildings and buildings with Passivhaus certification.

On 18 of October 2018, the 6th AETP 2018 Conference on "Energy storage, technologies and projects" will take place at Madrid. The conferernce is a reference point for the analysis of the energy storage sector and is attended by leading companies and research centres.

The conference covers topics included in the StoRES project, such as:  

  • Energy storage technologies
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems: lithium, lead, metal-air, etc.
  • Hydrogen
  • Graphite Redox flow batteries
  • Power to gas
  • Inertia flywheels 
  • Supercondensers

Areas of application for storage systems:

  • Renewable stationary plants
  • Self-consumption
  • Microgrids and Smart grids
  • Hybrid systems
  • Peak shaving
  • Electric mobility

Success stories, market analysis and regulation will also be analysed.

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