StoRES participation in the "ALGRAVE 2030 - Regional Energy Strategy" event

The event was promoted by the Algarve Commission of Coordination and Regional Development of the Algarve and supported by the members of the Energy Working Group within the framework of the Algarve Regional Innovation Council.

The "ALGARVE 2030 - Regional Energy Strategy" event was organised in two sessions.
The morning session it was host the meeting of the stakeholders of the Regional Energy Strategy, where they had the opportunity to share the works and projects ongoing and discuss the development and implementation of the Strategy.
In this framework, AREAL - Regional Agency of Energy and Environment of the Algarve - focused part of its intervention in the approach to the StoRES project. This is a recognized project as an important element to identify technical and financial implications for the effective integration of storage systems in the public network.
The afternoon session dedicated to the launch of the EETUR Project - Energy Efficiency in Algarve Tourist Projects, with the presentation of energy-related good practices and regional funding opportunities for energy efficiency projects in the hospitality sector.