StoRES Living Lab

StoRES Living Lab platform presents actual data from pilot sites and allows the interaction with users through experimentation with different parameters which influence energy storage.

A web platform displaying and analysing the collected data and the results of all the project’s residential PV-ESS pilots has been developed, for the purposes of the project’s data analysis. This tool is hosted on the StoRES website ( and it can also be found on the dedicated web page

StoRES Living Lab aggregates all the data collected from the pilot sites and displays them on a dedicated interactive web portal ( Average profiles are calculated for each season as well as key indicators such as Self-Consumption Rate (SCR) and Self-Sufficiency Rate (SSR), system efficiency, average State-of-Charge (SoC) level, etc. Different pilot plants can be compared between each other and a parametric study is also included to assess the sizing of the PV and of the ESS.For each profile, the following values are represented:

  • PV production power
  • Load consumption power
  • Direct PV power use
  • Power charged/discharged in/from the battery
  • Power imported/exported from/to the grid
  • SoC percentage level