StoRES participation at the "International workshop about energy consumption, behaviour consumption practices and rebound effect"

The workshop took place in Maribor, Slovenia on the 10th of May 2018 and was organized within the framework of the TOGETHER project by the University of Maribor.

The workshop aimed on encouraging CENTRAL EUROPE Public Administrations to improve Energy Efficiency in their buildings also by involving users in energy management, and to change their atomistic vision into a holistic vision of the buildings as a whole of functions and relationships between physical space, technological devices and users’ needs-behaviour.

Main topics of the workshop included the below:

·         Promote Action for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

·         Demand Side Management Tools

·         Technological Devices and Consumer Needs-Behaviour Based Approach

The workshop focused on how to modify consumers' behaviour and their energy demand through various methods with concrete cases and practical experiences and with the support of field experts and ambassadors of other EU funded projects! The aim of the workshop was therefore to let participants think outside the box and make them aware of different integrated perspectives that may trigger energy efficiency.

The workshop was attended by approximately 40 academics, public authority officials, decision-makers and other stakeholders.

The agenda of the workshop is available here