StoRES project at the ETIP SNET South-Eastern Region Workshop

The ETIP SNET Workshop on Smart Grids was organized in Croatia on September 19th-20th, 2018 and its objective was to discuss the priorities related to Smart Grids set out in the European Commission proposal for a new electricity market design, exchange experience on the role of the Smart Specialization Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy) and on the regional innovation policy activities.

The Workshop was unique in offering the opportunity to:

  • Know more about smart grids projects and their findings related to energy system integration issues;
  • Exchange experiences, recommendations and best practices during technical roundtable discussions;
  • Discuss the deployment perspectives as well as the remaining challenges and barriers. 

StoRES project was accepted to be one of the 13 projects that made up the agenda of the two-day event and was given good visibility. 

Dr Venizelos Efthymiou attended the workshop on behalf of the StoRES consortium, presented the StoRES project (see the attached agenda and slides used) and participated in the round table discussion in identifying the role of storage in the energy transition and how it compliments the endeavours for more RES penetration on the grid. The results presented were well received and discussion centered around the issues related to Regulation and policy shortcomings in fostering storage deployment where needed to support the grid and offer the necessary ancillary services. 

The agenda can be found here, whereas the StoRES powerpoint can be downloaded here!