When & where

In order to develop the optimal policy for the effective integration of photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS), the StoRES project will be testing smart solutions in 5 islands and rural areas.

The project involves regions facing specific needs and challenges: islands with isolated networks, almost 100% fossil-fuel dependency and increasing energy demand; rural areas exhibiting weaker networks, possibly greater energy needs, and higher environmental impact.As a result, pilot installations areas include Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

The objective of the pilots are to achieve a high PV penetration in the energy mix of each area, while solving all market/technical/grid/tariff issues without compromising grid stability or security of supply.

The demonstration sites with existing PV systems (3-5 kWp) and smart meters feature:

  1. Local weather forecasts for solar power generation prediction
  2. Control for all compliance household devices
  3. Maintain on-grid connectivity during system frequenct disturbance incidents
  4. Time of Use tarrifs

The project will run from 1st November 2016 until 30th of April 2019.