What we do


The objective is to boost PV self-consumption in the MED through an optimal storage solution. The approach is to test PV storage solutions for the consumer in different pilot sites taking into account local parameters for optimization and using efficiency measures. StoRES is expected to change the current situation concerning grid reliability with higher RES deployment in islands/rural areas giving a cost-effective option to the public on more affordable and sustainable energy supply. Public authorities will be mobilized leading to their engagement in sustainable energy strategy implementation in their jurisdictions with a truly long-term vision in mind. The MED, as the natural place for PV and where grid parity is a reality, has the opportunity to pioneer in testing such technologies in real time with authorities ready to contribute. This endeavor will increase socio-economic competitiveness of regions involved; most importantly will have an international impact as new knowledge for optimum PV-ESS interoperability is transferred to a broader geographical context where grid parity has not reached yet.

Key Activities

The project activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Development and validation of an improved self-consumption policy.
  • Pilot demonstration of integrated PV and ES systems into the energy mix of rural areas and islands.
  • Identify and address all technical and regulatory requirements for the introduction of ESS into the energy mix.
  • Evaluate ESS contributions to solving intermittent RES shortcomings & increase the level of possible RES penetration into the energy mix.
  • Integrate ESS in the energy mix of participating regions.
  • Enhance Demand Side Management (DSM) possibilities.
  • Key stakeholders become more engaged in the development, implementation and monitoring of sustainable energy policies and plans.
  • Creation of an online storage solution tool.
  • Rollout of integrated PV-storage solution to a broader MED region and beyond.