What we do

Why PV+Storage systems?

StoRES is expected to change the current situation concerning grid reliability with higher RES deployment in islands/rural areas giving a cost-effective option to the public on more affordable and sustainable energy supply. This was achieved by testing PV+Storage systems to increase the consumer’s PV self-consumption and self-sufficiency, now becoming a consumer-producer, i.e. prosumer, and therefore achieve the reduction of the interaction of the building with the grid. In addition to this, the development and integration of the proposed solution at both residential and community levels and the application of different policy scenarios is expected to lift the barriers related to the grid integration of ESS and extend the practical knowledge about this technology.

How to test PV+Storage systems?

By testing grid-connected distributed storage combined with smart self-consumption and Demand Side Management (DSM) by implementing pilots in 6 MED countries, covering thus, all particularities (geographical, cultural, etc.) of the MED basin. In most of the participating countries, the StoRES pilots are the first grid connected ESS in buildings and have been integrated in territories with a high solar potential, suitable for increased PV self-consumption of the end-users. The project’s ESS assist the buildings towards significant increases in self-consumption and self-sufficiency.


The StoRES project was a great opportunity to implement and validate different solutions available in the market in the MED region. The project’s pilots include a wide range of system manufacturers, system sizes, battery technologies (e.g. Lithium-ion, Lead-acid, etc.) and configurations (AC-coupled, DC-coupled).